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How Do I Join?

There is no fee to join CSD Credit Union! All it takes to become a member/owner is to open a primary share savings account with a deposit of $10.00. That $10.00 may be withdrawn should you choose to close your membership at CSD Credit Union. Once you've opened your savings account, you're eligible to take advantage of our many financial services.

CSDCU has the "Once a Member, Always a Member" policy. Even if you move out of state, you can leave your account open. Submit an online application or stop by the Credit Union to open your account today!

Who Can Join?

Membership at CSDCU is open to the employees, students, families of students, and alumni of the following schools:

Family members are eligible to join, too! Once you've joined CSDCU, you and your family can enjoy lifetime membership!

Membership Application

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    All the terms, conditions, form of account ownership, account selection, and other information indicated on this Card apply to all of the accounts listed unless the Credit Union is notified in writing of the change.

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Upon the death of all member/owners, available shares will be split equally among all surviving beneficiaries.

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