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CSDCU Signature Loan

A CSDCU Signature Loan can cover you for a variety of borrowing needs. It's perfect for short-term borrowing situations or for occasions when unexpected expenses need to be repaid over time.

CSDCU Line of Credit

A CSDCU Line of Credit is a great solution if you have unexpected expenses. Our Line of Credit is treated as a loan, so you only pay interest on the funds you actually borrow.

CSDCU Share Secured Loan

A CSDCU Share Secured Loan can offer a lower rate than other types of loans because it uses funds in a savings account as collateral for your loan.

  • Borrow against your Share Savings Account.
  • Minimum of $500.00.
  • Continue to earn dividends in your Share Savings Account.
  • Shares become available as the loan is paid down.
  • Share Secured Loan rates
  • CSDCU Debt Protection - Life and Disability Protection is available to help protect your family and erase your debt.
  • Online Application

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